English Enrichment Classes in Singapore

4 Recommended English Enrichment Classes in Singapore

4 Recommended English Enrichment Classes in Singapore

For a non-native speaker, learning Englishcan be more than a little frustratingwith its seemingly endless grammar rules, illogical exceptions to those rulesand tongue-twisting syllables.  However, English is the lingua franca of the world and understanding the language opens up for its speakersan incredible wealth of learning, both in thesciences and arts. It’s also widely spoken as a language for business, which transcends borders and cultural boundaries. With perhaps a little more than a billion people the world-over who are conversant in the language it’s no wonder that parents everywhere are sending their kids to English enrichment classes to help them pick it up and master it from a young age.

  1. MindChamps

The use of a clear, scientific approach to teaching and learning has made MindChamps popular with parents looking to enrol their children in reliable and proven English enrichment classes. Integrated intoother core subjects like mathematics and sciences, English lessons at MindChamps focus on developing a strong foundation in grammar, creative writing for kids, conversational confidence and reading ability. In all its programmes, MindChamps teaches its students to think critically by encouraging them to question what they’re learning and develop a real interest in the subject matter–an essential skill that will prepare them for life way beyond their schooling years.

  1. British Council

Representing the UKofficially as its international cultural ambassador and educational provider around the world and in Singapore, the British Council is the obvious place for anyone looking to give their children a solid foundation in the English language. Its Pre-school Enrichment Programme is an excellent English enrichment classwhich is designed to cultivate a child’s interest in the language. By encouraging constant interaction with its students in the English language and in a safe, friendly environment the classes will help develop a child’s language skills in addition to social skills. In addition, the British Council also provides one of the best recommended phonics classes in Singapore.

  1. LCentral

Emphasising individual student’s needs, LCentral‘shas both excellent English enrichment classesand highly recommended phonics classes in Singapore. From basic pre-reading phoneme and phonics recognition and pronunciation to handwriting and more advanced critical thinking and creative art activities, LCentral definitely has a great approach to English teaching and learning. If you’re looking for classes that teach creative writing for kids, the school’s Creative Writing programme is specially designed to help primary school students improve their essay-writing skills.

  1. I Can Read

Based on careful research conducted by between 1995 and 2000 by Anthony Earns haw and Annabelle Sear geant, I Can Read’s playful and carefree approach to English lessonsbelies an intricately structured teaching system with an impressive track record. The school provides three programmes catered to children of different age groups; I Can Read Discover (2.5–5 years old), I Can Read (5–7 years old) and I Can Read Plus (8-12 years old). With numerous centres locatedall across Singapore there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find one that’s close to you.

Schools with Recommended Phonics Classes in Singapore

  • Zoo-Phonics
  • British Council
  • My English School

Schools with classes focused on Creative Writing for Kids

  • Creative Horizons
  • British Council
  • LCentral
  • Monsters Under the Bed
  • Jan & Elly
  • Creative Campus

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