Tips For CBSE Class 12 Exam

One of the most crucial national level exams that the CBSE students encounter is the class 12 board exam. The marks obtained in the CBSE class 12 exam are important for a student as they not only reflect one’s academic excellence but are also used as a shortlisting criterion byRead More →

How to Choose a Boarding School

Choosing a school for children these days is a big chore. It requires lot of effort to find school for your children in India. Though half of the task has been covered by internet. Internet solves your problem just by sitting at home. Parents prefer to send their kids toRead More →

English Enrichment Classes in Singapore

For a non-native speaker, learning Englishcan be more than a little frustratingwith its seemingly endless grammar rules, illogical exceptions to those rulesand tongue-twisting syllables.  However, English is the lingua franca of the world and understanding the language opens up for its speakersan incredible wealth of learning, both in thesciences andRead More →