ESL school Requires A Technology

Does Your ESL school Requires A Technology Makeover?

Does Your ESL school Requires A Technology Makeover?

Do you believe your ESL school is still caught in a technological time warp? Does your school still make use of old-age teaching methods? Does your school struggle with technology integration due to budget cuts? If the answers to these questions are a yes, it is time to have Agora on your side.

In today’s world, technology integration is no longer associated with painful dips into the finances of a school. In fact, technological advancements can help your school save money in the long run besides being budget-friendly in the truest sense.

This is evident from a recent statement by the U.S. Department of Education and recent research by the National Training and Simulation Association that suggested technology-based instruction can dramatically reduce the time it takes for students to attain a learning objective by as much as 30 to 80 percent.

It is worthwhile to note here that we can only solve problems that we can identify and name. Therefore, the first step is to invest comprehensively in methods to identify the problematic issues such as struggling learners or outdated teaching methods or ambiguous teaching skills. For this, you can ask the classroom teachers to develop intervention process to identify students who are lagging behind. Moreover, you can make use of Your Agora to give complete and uninterrupted access to lesson and self-development plans that can help them grow and develop themselves while sharing their expertise with other teachers and also to modify teaching skills based on suggestions and feedback of other teachers.

It is also highly suggested that teachers should receive fair and transparent treatment at their workplace. It is extremely important to respect and motivate teachers as professionals so that they find the motivation to support different kinds of students at all possible times. Moreover, it is always good to have an open-door policy that creates and nurtures high standards of transparency. Furthermore, it is suggested to support teachers with parents and exhibit fairness, honesty, and trustworthiness in all efforts and actions.

How Your Agora Can Assist?

Agora is a platform designed for teachers, by teachers. It can be simply referred to as an avenue for English learners and English language learners (ELL) where ESL teachers can create, share, and thrive.

One of the biggest benefits of Agora is that you can create your own material and then assign it to specific classes and courses. Not only this, you can grade, review, and add comments to the writing assignments. Moreover, you can edit existing material to suit your specific or evolving requirements.

It is even easy to print and export material with complete ease and you can even integrate word lists, videos, pictures, and texts into your classes and content. One of the best advantages of Agora is that the comprehensive catalog is empowered by the valuable contributions of prominent ESL teachers worldwide. You can use the platform of Your Agora to share materials, inspire peers, and enjoy a mutually-beneficial and more collaborative teaching experience. Your Agora can really revolutionize the concept of smart teaching in your school. Try it to feel the difference!

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