How Can You Assess Your Employees

How Can You Assess Your Employees?

How Can You Assess Your Employees?

Being a manager in an organization, it is your responsibility to continuously assess your employees to check whether they are on the right track. You may have the stuff to recruit right candidates to your job, but with that only your duty never ends. Apart from work allocation and assigning specific team leaders to your hired employees, you should monitor their work and give them feedback reports. Giving a feedback is really a tedious task. But as a manager, you cannot sit simply like a doll and offer salaries to your employees without achieving quality work from them. You might have used excel sheets, questionnaires, surveys, and so on to present your reports among the employees.

These feedback tools outline the quality of work, achievements done, mistakes made, and the improvements needed. Apart from all kinds of feedback reports, the 360 degree performance appraisal helps you to have a clear cut idea on their activities, where they went wrong, and what shall be done to improve further.


How your employee uses your feedback report?

  • Employees can have a look at the quality of their work done over a specific time period.
  • Allows them to rectify their mistakes.
  • Gives suggestions on how to overcome their mistakes.
  • Helps in distinguishing themselves from their colleagues.
  • Makes them to work better in upcoming seasons of your company.
  • Employees try to impress you by working hard after recognizing the mistakes committed by them.
  • Employees find out the ways to improve themselves.

Reaction of the employees after receiving your feedback

When receiving the feedback, your employees will be either worried or happy regarding their performance levels and target achievements in your company. The professional personality of every employee working in an organization is neatly sketched through this tool. Here are some tips suggested to you to make your employees to attain the concept of performance appraisal. It is defined as the growth seen in the work nature of your employees over a specific period of time.

  1. Admitting their mistakes: The first and foremost thing you should indulge in the minds of every employee is that to make them aware of the fact that they are solemnly responsible for their mistakes and they cannot blame anyone else in an organization. By doing as such, you must be careful that you never make them to feel angry with you and to get detached from you. You should be very careful while behaving with your employees as they are the representatives of your reputed firm.  Moreover, the one man show of being a manager never works out in this case without the support from your employee side.
  2. Ask them to identify their errors: After admitting the mistakes, the next immediate step is to ask your employees to identify what wrong they have done in their project works or what kind of misbehaviour they performed during the office hours. You must ask them to analyse these things in their report and must avoid committing the same in the future.
  3. Deep research on the report: In this phase, you must have a keen eye on every line written in the report. Deep insights help you to examine on which areas your employees need improvement and what kind of training and developmental activities could be promoted in the future.
  4. Design plans: After the thorough study of your feedback forms, your employees will get an idea on how to work that could boost your business associated with the organization. It makes them to restart their life in work by following a new set of activities. Identification of major causes to their problem helps them in sorting out alternative ways with which they could score less negative points in the consequent reports that are about to be produced by you.
  5. Avoid committing the same mistake again: Being a boss, you must possess a best leadership quality. If you want to satisfy the demands of your customers, then your products should be of best quality. This lies entirely in the hands of employees and the training given to them under your guidance. The best way to make your employees as a qualified professional is to advise them not to commit the same mistakes again as everyone learns through mistakes.
  6. Motivation: You must not disappoint your employee on pointing out their drawbacks mentioned in your 360 degree feedback tool. Instead you must motivate them talking about their strengths and suggesting ways to improve it.


Even we are living in an era of ample availability of effective data storage technologies; the 360-degree tool has got its own benefits.

  • Easy to use.
  • The availability of different character evaluating departments in the tool enables you to upload your comments comfortably.
  • You can have a quick glance over the entire report as the concepts are displayed in a precise manner.
  • Help your employees to rectify the wrongs committed by them without any confusion.
  • Enhances the capability of every employee.
  • The tool helps in differentiating one employee from the other in all aspects involved in the work atmosphere of an organization.
  • You can have a top to bottom examination of a candidate. This attractive feature lacks in many other data analytic tools.
  • Portraits the overall character of your employee both his internal and external behaviour and the attitude shown towards his co-workers and on the concern.

How to present your feedback?

When the turn comes to you on giving your feedback on others, you should keep in mind the most important two things.  The first thing is that your main objective must be to motivate the employees rather than focusing on their faults. The second thing is that you must clearly mention their strengths and suggesting ways to improve them. Consider you are working as a senior manager in your office and you are supposed to give your feedback reports to your employees. Under these circumstances, what you should do? You will examine both the right and wrong sides of your employee and if you see your employee is concentrated more with negative qualities like being late to office, incomplete projects, isolated from other workers, and so on, the first step you should do is to give a personal counselling to him instead of allotting negative scores in his report and scolding him badly in front of others.  This should be done as every employee represents the faces of the future goals of your company.


As the evaluation of an employee is an essential element for every company, you should adopt the best analytic tools to scrutinize their work performances and the best way you can do this is only through this awesome feedback tool.

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