paper work is plagiarised

I think a paper work is plagiarised – what should I do?

I think a paper work is plagiarised – what should I do?

If you happened to come across a paper or text which you can obviously claim is plagiarised – the course of action is very different. If you are an educator or an employee – there are usually specifically outlined courses of action. Nevertheless, for consumers, writers and students alike the whole thing works the other way around. If they sense a document is plagiarised, they should use a plagiarism detector to prove or deny their suspicions.

Organisations and schools

For people within businesses or educational organisations, plagiarism is a huge problem. If you are a professor or an employee and have thoughts that what you are reading is plagiarised – follow protocol. They can differ but are usually the same deep down. Report the incident within your organisation and try to clear things out with the author. If they refuse, you can act legally or just cut ties with them.

For students and writers

Don’t act on suspicions alone. Check whether plagiarism is the case using a plagiarism detector. If you bought the text or simply rewrote something, clever software may be able to determine it. If software is able to, teachers, clients and other people could too. You have to protect your reputation, grades and work from such instances. Before sending or giving in your paper for final evaluation – go to one of the many plagiarism detector sites. Upload your paper and scan it. The process is usually effortless and simple.

More information and free document plagiarism detection can be found here: plagiarism detection software.

About importance of unique content

The textual information flow in educational institutions and businesses is extremely dynamic and is growing exponentially. Informational overabundance is ideal for plagiarism which is absolutely unacceptable in academic activities. The social aim of plagiarism checker is to eradicate plagiarism by striking at the root of impunity for academic fraud. Free or paid, both reliable and also easy-to-use plagiarism detectors deters plagiarists from stealing the intellectual property of others. There are many specialties  whose professionals must be honest in terms of qualification and competence. Such as doctors, architects, veterinarians, judges, writers.

You can imagine what could happen if representatives of these specialties would be constantly cheating on teachers, not learning sincerely and getting high ratings using copied written works. Every young person must feel responsible while studying. As well as every teacher must take a responsible look at work and rigorously evaluate the work of students, because after graduation, teachers are putting doctors, architects and other professionals into the world who work on the welfare of others.


Stringent screening of courseworks, theses and researches performed in universities and schools ensures that such plagiarized content will make plagiarists fall in serious legal trouble. In case of detection of academic fraud, students may be expelled from their university and graduates may lose their diplomas. It is not worth deceiving others and yourself. Probably there are situations when we do not perform the tasks as best as we can due to lack of time, overwork or other reasons. It is still not an excuse to absorb another person’s intellectual property and submit it as your own.

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