Make a Friendship with Mathematics

Make a Friendship with Mathematics

The 10th standard is one of the most important phases of every student’s life as the board exam bell is started to ringing. Mathematics is a crucial subject in every standard. You can grab a full mark in your exam if you follow the correct strategies of the preparation. The board exam preparation generally started from the 9th standard. But, if you were not enough serious in your 9th standard studies, then you should be really attentive in your studies now. Mathematics is a logical subject and you can’t solve the questions by memorizing the solutions. You have to understand the basic underlying concept first, and then you should follow the solution pattern. After that, you have to solve a number of questions similar to that pattern. Math is all about application of the concepts. So, you need to be very attentive while clearing your concepts.

Some Essential Tips

The ncert solutions for class 10 maths triangles are based on the solutions of the exercise questions of the chapter “Triangles”. The chapter is associated with the Geometrical concept. The exercise questions are rich in proof related questions, direct questions etc. If you want to master the particular chapter, you have to clear your basics first. There are different small concepts that you have to take care. Some concepts may need small memorization. You can take down small notes about those concepts; it will be helpful during your exam.

If you want to become a master in math, you have to make a strong friendship with it. If you remain detached from it for a long time, the bond becomes weaker, that means you can forget all the formulas and concepts. So, keep practicing of mathematics on a regular basis. Don’t jump over the advanced concepts leaving the fundamental basics. You have to give your 100% concentration while practicing Math questions. After solving one problem, check its each and every step as for one silly mistake, you can lose the whole mark associated with that question. Geometry is a rich in proof related questions. You have to understand the logic first in order to answer them. There is no use of memorizing the proofs as in exam you can face a different question. The underlying concept is same, but if you are not aware of that concept, you will not be able to answer that question. The cbse class 10 maths triangles chapter is a very important chapter and you have to give your full focus on it.

Sometimes, you may face difficulties in order to prove some triangle related statements. In that case, you should take a help from your teachers. Practice the logics again and again. Mathematics is not a very difficult subject. It needs a lot of practice and 100% concentration- that’s it. Math is one of among those few subjects in which there is a probability obtaining the full mark. So, if you are very serious about your preparation, then you can easily score 100 out of 100 in your Math’s paper. So, don’t stop your practice.

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