Great Universities in Africa

Quality takes a Hit in Great Universities in Africa when Quantity is given a Free Run

Quality takes a Hit in Great Universities in Africa when Quantity is given a Free Run

There is more number of students than the investments coming in for development of educational infrastructure. The mismatch has dilapidated the functionality of universities and the huge competition is becoming more so because of the limited availability of seats.

The students have become aware and awareness has led to an increased enrolment. The finance stays the same. The crisis can’t be contained with no higher educational institution coming up. The instructional and pedagogy quality has gone down drastically. What has also declined are the capacity to reorient their attention and innovate on research and development standards.

Located in Kampala, the capital of Uganda- Maker ere University, is also known as Harvard of Africa. It has been shut down for two times in the last four years because of the problems related to unpaid allowances to the staff and failure of the establishment. Not just Maker ere, a giant list of best universities in Africa are also starving for funds in Sierra Leone, Togo, and South Africa. The public funds are a shoestring budget for these great universities in Africa and allowing, only those students who are sponsored by the state scholarships, is not plausible anymore.

The great universities in Africa have opened their gate to those students who can pay the fees to study alongside those who are being supported by government- causing a rift between the deserved and undeserved. The budget constraints met extravagant splurging but still fall short of fulfilling the challenges. Time and again, the fee is increased without any proper justification served to them.

The protests over pay and pensions are culminating in serious issues for the entire continent. The only way out seems to be an increase in fees because government funding is just not in sight for any university in the list of best universities in Africa. An increase without prior notice will result in strikes which means the public has to be made aware of the rising costs of teaching and building the African economy.

The option of loans also fails miserably at meeting the expectations of job-starved nations because when there are no jobs, the repayment of loans is impossible. Moreover, without proper education, there can be no improvement on the ground level. The legal system and political regimes have to come together on a table to discuss the future of quality education. The quality can’t be compromised for the sake of quantity. It won’t do any good to anyone.

There has been a massive emphasis on primary education in the recent years at the cost of tertiary education. The international funds received are also majorly meant for the primary education. Primary education is the foundation of educational system but tertiary education can’t be ignored either. The epiphany that it is not the primary education that will transform the knowledge dimension of the continent, but tertiary education- will work perfectly for the government, people, and the list of best universities in Africa.

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